Stupid Humans : Selfies While Driving

Stupid Humans : Selfies While Driving

Hello Humans,

You do some stupid stuff.

Drinking, smoking, yeah that stuff kills. You all seem to have a nonchalant  attitude towards everything until it HAPPENS.

“What do you mean I have liver disease?”

“But how could I have diabetes?”

Eh, it is the nature of your race I suppose.

In recent news, there has been a general outcry against a new stupid human action

Taking Selfies while driving.

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Thankfully the wiser among you are cutting the wires on this, before you have 10 million young humans driving in giant 2-3 ton machines at 50 mph taking random pictures of themselves and others.


Does it really have to be said that using a phone while operating a dangerous machine is a bad idea?

But, again, some humans do not think of consequences until they are inside a pile of twisted metal, surrounded by human flesh and blood.

Why do something so dangerous, when you might put the life and well being of others at risk?

Worried with a warning,