Nelson Mandela is Dead and people are already comparing themselves to him

Nelson Mandela is Dead and people are already comparing themselves to him

Hello Humans,

Recently, a great human has died: Nelson Mandela. There is so much to say about his life, his fight and legacy.

But, what shocks me most and by shock, I mean literally sends arching currents over my distribution modulator and nearly pops my fuses, is that people are already comparing themselves to him.

Firstly, Rick Santorum, on Fox news compared the Republican battle against Obamacare to Nelson Mandela’s fight against Apartheid.

Here is Santorum


nope, that’s peppermint patty, here he is


Sure, the republican fight against universal healthcare…republicans saying you humans do not have the right to have healthcare unless you meet certain obligations and criteria ┬áis the same as fighting against racial prejudice and social injustice.

Sure, fighting for money is the same as fighting for peace.

As you humans would say LOL.

Next, big surprise:


Kanye West says he soon will be a bigger civil rights and cultural icon than the recently deceased Mandela. Leave it to Kanye to call himself a god and compare himself to great men for attention.

Sure, a famous millionaire rapper who is heavy into fashion has the same impact potential as a man who strove for freedom, peace and equality. SURE, saying you have so much power…is the same as changing the world.

Comically, you see, no one really wants to compare themselves to Kanye.

Mourning a great human,