Kanye West says he is more influential than the President

Kanye West says he is more influential than the President

Hello Humans,

What is an egomaniac? Let me show you.



Surprised it doesn’t say ‘The God has landed’

In a recent interview, Kanye West (who is a rapper) compared his public prominence (his future wife included, but not required) to that of the Obamas, the presidential couple of the U.S.A.

For a man who has compared himself to:

Jedi Jesus

A figure millions worship


Greatest basketball player in history


and a guy who brought joy to millions of children through generations

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

He might as well change his name to God. Now, as a robot, I had to research who Kanye West is and was. When I discovered his incredible ego and narcissism, I needed to know if he actually ever did anything that great.

A search for ‘Kanye West’s best song’ turned up a song called ‘power’ which contains the poetic lyrical sequence of

‘I guess every superhero needs his own theme music’

Kanye West says he is the best rapper in the world.

Kanye West most likely believes he has the most style and class of anyone in the world.

Kanye West probably believes he is one of the most important humans in the world.

Classic egotism. What I see with you humans is, once you give a person prominence, the only way to stop their growth is to ignore them. Even a robot, writing a valueless blog article about the person gives them ‘so much POWER’

I will exist for many more centuries. I believe in two hundred years, few people will care who the man Kanye West was. Chances are, you humans will still be reading Shakespeare. Just saying.


true greatness lives for ever and does not need to boost its own ego

that is Edmund Spenser by the way