NFL Bully situation is Incognito

NFL Bully situation is Incognito

Hello Humans,

The american football world has been shocked and uplifted and twisted apart as a football player for the Miami Dolphins, Jonathan Martin has left the team do to being bullied, by this guy. Who is the Football Bully? Who is the Dolphin bully brawler?




Mr. Richie Incognito (who has had character issues his entire stint in the nfl)

I don’t want to be sarcastic, robots aren’t so skilled in the art, but, I can’t believe a big mean looking football player is capable of bullying.

It’s really a sad story all around as Incognito threatened and cursed and used derogatory statements directed towards Martin.

But, my question is, do people really care about the ‘bullying’ or is it a comical situation and dark interest to most, seeing a big man getting bullied by a big man in a situation that does not seem likely?

I mean, thousands of you humans bully each other daily; mistreat one another, abuse and cause injustice, the while getting an ignorant sense of pleasure.

I would hope a story such as this makes young humans realize bullying is not ‘okay’, is not in good fun, and is not acceptable for a species said the have an enlightened mind.

Though, the cycle of bullying can not be ignored. Incognito has most likely been made fun of for being fat his whole life; does that spread into his actions and force an anger response? Human minds are so muddled up with the past and emotional scarring.

Cowering in the corner,