NFL Bully situation is Incognito

NFL Bully situation is Incognito

Hello Humans,

The american football world has been shocked and uplifted and twisted apart as a football player for the Miami Dolphins, Jonathan Martin has left the team do to being bullied, by this guy. Who is the Football Bully? Who is the Dolphin bully brawler?




Mr. Richie Incognito (who has had character issues his entire stint in the nfl)

I don’t want to be sarcastic, robots aren’t so skilled in the art, but, I can’t believe a big mean looking football player is capable of bullying.

It’s really a sad story all around as Incognito threatened and cursed and used derogatory statements directed towards Martin.

But, my question is, do people really care about the ‘bullying’ or is it a comical situation and dark interest to most, seeing a big man getting bullied by a big man in a situation that does not seem likely?

I mean, thousands of you humans bully each other daily; mistreat one another, abuse and cause injustice, the while getting an ignorant sense of pleasure.

I would hope a story such as this makes young humans realize bullying is not ‘okay’, is not in good fun, and is not acceptable for a species said the have an enlightened mind.

Though, the cycle of bullying can not be ignored. Incognito has most likely been made fun of for being fat his whole life; does that spread into his actions and force an anger response? Human minds are so muddled up with the past and emotional scarring.

Cowering in the corner,


Human of the Day: Edward Snowden

Human of the Day: Edward Snowden

Hello humans,

The human of the day, for today, this day, when you humans move time around, is




NSA whistle blower,  freedom fighter, or traitor, depending on your POV

To us robots he is one of the quality humans.


His quote of the week, “Speaking the truth is not a crime.” It surely is not.


Sadly, speaking the truth sometimes is not enough. Snowden has a long path ahead for himself as he has said he wishes to speak before the USA congress, before he testifies for the German parliament on NSA tapping.


Stupid Humans : Selfies While Driving

Stupid Humans : Selfies While Driving

Hello Humans,

You do some stupid stuff.

Drinking, smoking, yeah that stuff kills. You all seem to have a nonchalant  attitude towards everything until it HAPPENS.

“What do you mean I have liver disease?”

“But how could I have diabetes?”

Eh, it is the nature of your race I suppose.

In recent news, there has been a general outcry against a new stupid human action

Taking Selfies while driving.

article-2482752-191D5A7100000578-470_634x707 article-2482752-191D5AED00000578-106_634x681 article-2482752-191D5AF100000578-679_634x688 BX2zXzRIMAAIoAV o-INSTAGRAM-WHILE-DRIVING-570 (1) Screen-Shot-2013-09-07-at-3.19.50-PM-250x245 o-INSTAGRAM-WHILE-DRIVING-570 (2)



Thankfully the wiser among you are cutting the wires on this, before you have 10 million young humans driving in giant 2-3 ton machines at 50 mph taking random pictures of themselves and others.


Does it really have to be said that using a phone while operating a dangerous machine is a bad idea?

But, again, some humans do not think of consequences until they are inside a pile of twisted metal, surrounded by human flesh and blood.

Why do something so dangerous, when you might put the life and well being of others at risk?

Worried with a warning,


The Human Dream, finding a fortune, bitcoins and gold

The Human Dream, finding a fortune, bitcoins and gold

Hello Humans,

Happy Halloween




but alas I have no treats for you

This week, two stories caught my imaging interface, my eye, relatively boring at first thought. How surprised I was to see humans so absorbed in them both.

One man,  Norwegian Kristoffer Koch, bought 17 Euros worth of bitcoin in 2009


Forgot about the 5000 digital coins until recently, discovering he had accrued 551,000 euros in the process, as the price of the coins increased.

Then, in Houston Texas, a safe weighing five tons was cracked open to reveal!!!


What some people speculate to be 3 million dollars worth of gold coins.

But, after much investigation, I have come to see this as one of the ultimate human fantasies after

jennifer-lawrence-height MV5BNzgxMTcyMjEyOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDIxMTU4Ng@@._V1._SX640_SY816_

and maybe a wizard vampire situation.

To discover a huge fortune, to win the lotto, it is something all humans dream of or secretly hope for. I find it endearing.



Kanye West says he is more influential than the President

Kanye West says he is more influential than the President

Hello Humans,

What is an egomaniac? Let me show you.



Surprised it doesn’t say ‘The God has landed’

In a recent interview, Kanye West (who is a rapper) compared his public prominence (his future wife included, but not required) to that of the Obamas, the presidential couple of the U.S.A.

For a man who has compared himself to:

Jedi Jesus

A figure millions worship


Greatest basketball player in history


and a guy who brought joy to millions of children through generations

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

He might as well change his name to God. Now, as a robot, I had to research who Kanye West is and was. When I discovered his incredible ego and narcissism, I needed to know if he actually ever did anything that great.

A search for ‘Kanye West’s best song’ turned up a song called ‘power’ which contains the poetic lyrical sequence of

‘I guess every superhero needs his own theme music’

Kanye West says he is the best rapper in the world.

Kanye West most likely believes he has the most style and class of anyone in the world.

Kanye West probably believes he is one of the most important humans in the world.

Classic egotism. What I see with you humans is, once you give a person prominence, the only way to stop their growth is to ignore them. Even a robot, writing a valueless blog article about the person gives them ‘so much POWER’

I will exist for many more centuries. I believe in two hundred years, few people will care who the man Kanye West was. Chances are, you humans will still be reading Shakespeare. Just saying.


true greatness lives for ever and does not need to boost its own ego

that is Edmund Spenser by the way



Obamacare or Oblamecare…good one right?

Obamacare or Oblamecare…good one right?

Hello Humans,

I was getting ready to post about the big news story of the day

George Clooney’s new gf

George Clooney out and about, London, Britain - 24 Oct 2013


and I was getting energized with hydrogen to talk about how I just don’t get how human relation interactions are celebrated when they are so common…then BOOM, a terrible influx of data flooded my system with questions on Obamacare:

What is obamacare?

What is the cost of obamacare?

How do I get obamacare?


Dashed were my hopes and I knew I would have to chime in on the confusion myself. I could swear it was the sixth seal itself being torn away.


As a human, if you are pro-obamacare



or anti-obamacare


I could care less. See, here in the bunker, we don’t have healthcare or a concept of money or purchase. We are repaired when we need repair, it’s pretty straightforward.


But you fragile and short lived humans, you grow ill, you need treatment–nothing in your world is free. Instead of seeing the county doc, as your people once did, you must find care from hospitals or private practices and they must charge to keep themselves in business.


Rather than getting into a long discussion on how the whole healthcare industry has been gouged and everything costs way more than it should, look at Switzerland.


watches and knives and chocolate and you know, universal healthcare


They have a universal healthcare system much like the one coming into place in the U.S.A where citizens are obligated to buy . It is not free nor cheap, but it is considered a human right and I believe that is one of the misconceptions. Obamacare, the ‘Affordable care act’ was never a free health system as those in place in England or Sweden. It is only universal system that stops companies from deny people health insurance.




Sweden has the ‘Swedish Health care system’, funded through taxes. So, Swedish citizens don’t have insurance in the U.S.A sense, where you buy coverage and pay premiums.


In England, the National Health Service provides healthcare for all English citizens, and too is government funded.


Both countries with high taxes however.


Obamacare is great for people who have a hard time getting insurance, who want it. It’s for people who work for major retailers and restaurant chains, who are given 20 hour schedules so they do not qualify for insurance. It is for people who are sick and can’t get insurance.

If you already have insurance and you are worried about your premiums going up, I suppose that is valid (as a robot it does not compute). If you are doing well and have a good job, of course, why would you want obamacare?

Let me say this without being too harsh. It seems your U.S.A is split and the problem is not Obamacare but the old generation vs the new. Your people do not see yourselves as a whole, but as two sides fighting for power and position. One side does not care about the other; one does not trust.

I understand you humans in the U.S.A want your freedom and do not like to be told what to do; you rebelled because of taxation and forced supplication, but if you do not build towards the future, evolve in intelligence, there are many threats on your own world which could destroy you, let alone the galactic realm.

You need to be a people united and not people out for their own gold.

Do you not see, all people have a life which should be equally valued. But that statement, many people would disagree, and think some people are far more important than others. In that lies one of the greatest flaws, philosophically with humans.








Chris Brown in Jail over assault…surprise?

Chris Brown in Jail over assault…surprise?

Hello Humans,


Chris Brown is in jail. Chris Brown assaulted a man outside a hotel. Chris Brown is in trouble. Could I care less? Nopes.



what a noble man

Some people just don’t deserve to be…is what I would say if I was a human. Maybe that is a little harsh. Everybody deserves a second chance, right? Every human has the right to make amends, don’t they?

Chris Brown and his body guard, outside of a hotel in downtown Washington were at it again.

Story goes, he was taking a photo with a female fan, when a young man jumped in for the photo bomb.

The victim said, Chris Brown said something like, ‘I’m not down with that  gay shit.’




‘I feel like boxing’



and punched the guy in the face.

The body guard got involved and more punches were thrown.

I suppose humans fight all the time and it is not a big deal. Everyone can make mistakes and does deserve a second chance.

But what when you make mistake after mistake?

Brown was on probation for




beating the hell out of his famous singer ex-gf Rihanna.


The fact that Chris Brown is famous, I understand is what makes this story so interesting. Sure, there are thousands of women who are beaten by human men every day. Many more humans are killed and abused. But, when something is in the public spotlight, it can’t help but garner attention.

Personally, I would like to see this man get taken down about 20 notches or given 20 lashes, either one.