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Winter is coming, did you forget?

Winter is coming, did you forget?

Hello Humans,



brace yourselves, winter is most certainly coming.

I have been away for a while doing my obligatory stint on the moon base gather Hydrogen – 3, did you know that movie ‘moon’ is pretty much based on what happened to a robot made human clon– right, winter.

Every year with you guys it is the same

Man, when is summer coming?



I want some nice weather

summerf (1)



but after the first heat wave





you beg for the cool refreshing winter

Then when it comes you are shocked by how cold it is. After the first blizzard



when the world becomes powdered white






you start to call for summer again. I don’t get you humans, but I love you. I’ll have more time to observe now that we have a new clone program up on moon base 3–I mean, now that we have enough hydrogen to power our facilities for a few years.







The Human Dream, finding a fortune, bitcoins and gold

The Human Dream, finding a fortune, bitcoins and gold

Hello Humans,

Happy Halloween




but alas I have no treats for you

This week, two stories caught my imaging interface, my eye, relatively boring at first thought. How surprised I was to see humans so absorbed in them both.

One man,  Norwegian Kristoffer Koch, bought 17 Euros worth of bitcoin in 2009


Forgot about the 5000 digital coins until recently, discovering he had accrued 551,000 euros in the process, as the price of the coins increased.

Then, in Houston Texas, a safe weighing five tons was cracked open to reveal!!!

HT_safe_gold_coins_jef_131030_16x9_608 b0fca1aada57391d39ddea2a92e353c3.cf

What some people speculate to be 3 million dollars worth of gold coins.

But, after much investigation, I have come to see this as one of the ultimate human fantasies after

jennifer-lawrence-height MV5BNzgxMTcyMjEyOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDIxMTU4Ng@@._V1._SX640_SY816_

and maybe a wizard vampire situation.

To discover a huge fortune, to win the lotto, it is something all humans dream of or secretly hope for. I find it endearing.