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Beyonce’s new album drops

Hello Humans,

and it is still dropping




Beyonce, with no publicity or warning has just released her 5th studio album




Fans are shocked as there was no publicity or buildup, but what shocks me is how there are already people willing to risk their lives and admit it sucks.

Sure, the fact that Beyonce made a bad album is not a surprise to me. As a robot, I hear auto tune like noises and strange beeps all day, they mean nothing to me. I can appreciate a great voice (which the human female does have, at times) and complicated harmony.  But fans, fans of Beyonce are already saying the album ‘sucks’



Insiders explain that the studio was unhappy with the album and just wanted it over with, without spending any more money. Most likely, fans will buy it and in the end, the album will be a success, but I just have to ask:

How bad does an album have to be, if it is made by a human female who looks like this-



is married to a successful rapper, is one of the most famous singers in the country, and it still gets called bad.


Nelson Mandela is Dead and people are already comparing themselves to him

Nelson Mandela is Dead and people are already comparing themselves to him

Hello Humans,

Recently, a great human has died: Nelson Mandela. There is so much to say about his life, his fight and legacy.

But, what shocks me most and by shock, I mean literally sends arching currents over my distribution modulator and nearly pops my fuses, is that people are already comparing themselves to him.

Firstly, Rick Santorum, on Fox news compared the Republican battle against Obamacare to Nelson Mandela’s fight against Apartheid.

Here is Santorum


nope, that’s peppermint patty, here he is


Sure, the republican fight against universal healthcare…republicans saying you humans do not have the right to have healthcare unless you meet certain obligations and criteria  is the same as fighting against racial prejudice and social injustice.

Sure, fighting for money is the same as fighting for peace.

As you humans would say LOL.

Next, big surprise:


Kanye West says he soon will be a bigger civil rights and cultural icon than the recently deceased Mandela. Leave it to Kanye to call himself a god and compare himself to great men for attention.

Sure, a famous millionaire rapper who is heavy into fashion has the same impact potential as a man who strove for freedom, peace and equality. SURE, saying you have so much power…is the same as changing the world.

Comically, you see, no one really wants to compare themselves to Kanye.

Mourning a great human,


Ethan Couch drunk teen Murderer with Affluenza, so it’s okay

Ethan Couch drunk teen Murderer with Affluenza, so it’s okay

Hello Humans,

Every few weeks there is one of those stories that are so ‘Human’ I can only smirk…or open my voice modulator and blow out my air ducts.

Ethan Couch


the 16 year old kid who drove a car while drunk and crashed, killing:  youth pastor, Brian Jennings; Hollie and Shelby Boyles; and Breanna Mitchell was recently sentenced to 10 years probation.

He had a blood alcohol level of .34, which is enough to cause destabilization in the level-scope of our Grafting Bots.

Prosecutors were asking for 20 years behind bars for young rich Ethan, but well, as I have said, he is rich.


His defense attorney argued that he suffered from Affluenza…where you are so rich you don’t understand morality or laws because…well It’s a bit of a joke.


I notice many of you humans are afflicted with Affluenza

You just don’t care about other people, or maybe you care about yourselves far too much. But the idea that being rich is a ‘curse’ or a ‘tribulation’ is comical. People are prosecuted for crimes. The poor for taking from the rich, that is wrong; but it is okay for a rich person to do wrong because he is rich and doesn’t know any better?

Staying off the roads,


Winter is coming, did you forget?

Winter is coming, did you forget?

Hello Humans,



brace yourselves, winter is most certainly coming.

I have been away for a while doing my obligatory stint on the moon base gather Hydrogen – 3, did you know that movie ‘moon’ is pretty much based on what happened to a robot made human clon– right, winter.

Every year with you guys it is the same

Man, when is summer coming?



I want some nice weather

summerf (1)



but after the first heat wave





you beg for the cool refreshing winter

Then when it comes you are shocked by how cold it is. After the first blizzard



when the world becomes powdered white






you start to call for summer again. I don’t get you humans, but I love you. I’ll have more time to observe now that we have a new clone program up on moon base 3–I mean, now that we have enough hydrogen to power our facilities for a few years.







Free Kindle Ebook: A Single Day by Peter Black

Hey Folks,

For the next few days my story ‘A Single Day’ is free on amazon. It’s a literary story, fictional story, human story.





If you are looking for a new story to read, download it. No obligations.

It’s a relatively short novel which takes place over a single day, shown from the perspectives of a family and one family friend. You see their lives building towards a point of implosion. It’s in many ways a true to life story.


download it on kindle free

here is a little audio foreword, less than a minute and a half



22 Year Old With Down Syndrome Beaten By The Police For “Bulge In Pants” and Black Rhino’s are extinct

22 Year Old With Down Syndrome Beaten By The Police For “Bulge In Pants” and Black Rhino’s are extinct

Hello Humans,

It’s been a rough week.


Some people are good. Some people are bad. I have learned this in my observation. Further more, philosophically, it appears some are conditioned bad while others possess a nature which leans bad. Likewise, some seem geared good while others disregard the programming of their lives to aim good.

Confusing. It’s hard to make generalized statements. Eh, why not.

Humans are looking chipped today. We’ve got a 2 parter here, a two parter.


1: 22 Year Old With Down Syndrome Beaten By The Police For “Bulge In Pants” That Was His Colostomy Bag. This poor boy, Gilberto Powell was walking the block from a friends house to his home when Miami-dade cops stopped the human and slapped him; he ran after they tried to stop him to check that dangerous looking ‘bulge’ around his waist. They roughed him up hard. Classic police in action.


Just a point, no robot has been beaten up by a robot in 75 years.

Chances are, five drug deals were going down while they pounded that kid’s metal.

2: The Western Black Rhino is officially extinct!


Oh, that’s bad news. I was just thinking, since you humans systematically destroy species year in year out, maybe it was your intention to leave only yourselves and roaches on the world.


Sure, this isn’t a one day thing. It’s centuries in the making, but, well, today is the culmination. Between the Chinese and the Africans, The black Rhino never had a chance.