Beyonce’s new album drops

Hello Humans,

and it is still dropping




Beyonce, with no publicity or warning has just released her 5th studio album




Fans are shocked as there was no publicity or buildup, but what shocks me is how there are already people willing to risk their lives and admit it sucks.

Sure, the fact that Beyonce made a bad album is not a surprise to me. As a robot, I hear auto tune like noises and strange beeps all day, they mean nothing to me. I can appreciate a great voice (which the human female does have, at times) and complicated harmony.  But fans, fans of Beyonce are already saying the album ‘sucks’



Insiders explain that the studio was unhappy with the album and just wanted it over with, without spending any more money. Most likely, fans will buy it and in the end, the album will be a success, but I just have to ask:

How bad does an album have to be, if it is made by a human female who looks like this-



is married to a successful rapper, is one of the most famous singers in the country, and it still gets called bad.



2 thoughts on “Beyonce’s new album drops

  1. Not the dry “technical” writing I would expect from a robot. Quite engaging, actually. THANKS for subscribing to I hope I can bring you a smile or at least a groan every weekday (that is, if you LIKE human emotions). 🙂
    –John Robinson

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