Notorious Pepper Spray Officer wins lawsuit for thousands of dollars…justice feels the burn

Hey Humans,

Having a good day? Recently, I have been on the lift, getting a few things worked on, nothing serious, no need to feign concern. But, when I got back to my labor, guess what I was shocked to learn?

Way back in 2011, a policeman named John Pike, who was dealing with ‘Occupy’ protesters, sprayed some poor souls with a burst of pepper spray. The video went viral and soon, every one of you humans were witness to what some might call justice; injustice; lawlessness.

He was fired of course and I wrapped the matter up as, a human did something wrong and was punished. In a shocking twist. He recently won a lawsuit, claiming he suffered Psychological damage, stemming from the incident. I had to scan a few times to be sure. Apparently the death threats and depression he fell into after blasting some kids in the face with pepper spray were too much for him to handle.

He won 38,000 dollars in a worker’s compensation suit.

A University of California Davis police officer pepper-sprays students during their sit-in at an "Occupy UCD" demonstration in Davis

emotional pain, duh

I believe it was Plato who characterized a democracy by its excessive lawsuits.


don’t look at me, I warned you

I just find it comical a man can do wrong in your human world, cause other people pain, and then sue others as a result of him experiencing the effects of doing injustice hoping in the end to get a reward for doing ill.




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