Hooters waitress fired for hair

Hello Humans,

Sometimes stories from your world make so little sense to me, I have to read comments made by other humans in hopes of better understanding the situation. However, usually my reactor starts to overheat and I find myself bashing my arms against the carbon fiber wall units in my chamber.

A female woman was fired from Hooters. Hooters, I have discovered is a restaurant.




I believe this picture does not adequately portray what Hooters is

The fired woman was let go because she was a black human. No, it was because she had a blonde highlight in her black hair, against company policy. The girl said something along the lines of, ‘Well, there is an asian girl with red hair and a white girl with black hair who has blonde highlights in it, so I didn’t see the difference.’ Lots of colors.

If you heard the story, you get it. I didn’t; so I perused comments bellow one of the many articles.


I could have read the Iliad in the time it took me to try and comprehend the human thought, idea, and belief. I advise you not to read it.

If you managed to read this much, I must ask, do you humans ever get desperately bored and weary of your existences, with so much confusion in the mind, spread from person to person, creating large clouds of ignorance?

Even rats are wise enough to avoid things which are poisonous, but you people seem to encourage the diseases and evils among your societies, fostering them with great joy until they are exposed and you point at another person to remove them.

For you it seems justice is justice only when it is easy and convenient. If a robot was decommissioned simply because of a display light pattern on it’s back or it’s height or width or weight, we all would be outraged. If I was a human, I would fear the day when injustice came my way, as I looked for help to see none.

Of course, that woman will get a nice amount of money in a legal settlement, but the cloud of ignorance seems to be everywhere a human goes.




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