Duck Dynasty Scarecrow stolen and burned, a national tragedy

Hello Humans,

It was a story like this which first pushed me to make contact with humans hoping for some reasonable explanation. A carefully crafted and painstakingly designed and technically sound and pristine replication: An Uncle Si scarecrow, from Duck Dynasty fame was stolen and burned by a teenager in a small Georgia town.


A modern day model for David. Imagine what Michelangelo could do with him.

The Duck Dynasty scarecrow was stolen and burned by a teenager for no particular reason. He apparently saw it, thought it cool and took it; eventually set it ablaze in a pagan ritual which does not befit modern human society.


I get it, he stole an Uncle Si scarecrow made for a Halloween contest. For the kids.

Uncle Si Scarecrow cherokee tribune handout

Stealing is wrong, but it wasn’t like the kid murdered or raped anyone. What is so confusing to us robots, is in part: how a story like that draws so much interest; also how other things of seemingly greater import draw less oil…or water.

Recently in Oregon, an Alligator snapping turtle was caught


A living thing,. A species which has survived millions of years

and immediately killed.

You know, because they are dangerous and eat ducklings. Okay, they are invasive, destructive, and not local to Oregon. I understand that also, but what puts my processing into a loop is, how can something like a scarecrow being stolen get blown up to nationwide news, while a story of a living (albeit not loved) animal being killed for simply living is not considered beyond the act.

Humans do a lot of invading and stealing. In fact, by compiling that statement, a million reference points fired in my memory core. Why are some events so striking to you, for a brief time before they fade for the next minor story to take its place with more interest than the prior?

All I can figure is, nothing particularly matters for you, unless it effects you directly. If not, it is a story and nothing more.



2 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty Scarecrow stolen and burned, a national tragedy

  1. Killed five groundhogs to protect my garden – the last one kicked & its suffering made me so ill, I have not killed another in lo, these many years. I plant extra, so the critters can have a share now. ‘Love the unlovely’ should not just apply to humans – not that they do that either.

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