Polls show growing republican disapproval after U.S gov shutdown…really?

Hello Humans,

Do republicans look bad after the U.S gov shutdown? Has republican approval dropped?

If I was to spit oil into your morning cup of coffee, would you appreciate that? Would you dump it out and laugh, ‘What a nice robot.’ and leave the matter with a favorable opinion of me?





I should think not, because, well, even I know human opinion is built off appearance first and secondly action. If I do something bad, people will think I am bad.


It seems there are certain members of the GOP (the republican party) who are confused by how the American Government Shutdown, actually hurt the Republican image, as polls show nearly 63% of the U.S voting populous has an unfavorable view of the party. “What gives?” I’m sure some politicians are saying, with a stupid voice.


I would think a robot should not be the one to say this, but Republican Humans, if you do something so close minded as say, SHUT DOWN A GOVERNMENT because of petty political ideals and rhetoric, people will probably react to that bad action with a negative opinion.

I’m a robot and that is common sense.

A good barometer for bad decisions, selfishness, and plain evil is this guy:


 Big D Cheney don’t give a F

In a recent interview Cheney defended the Tea Party (subdivision in the republican party) by saying ‘These are Americans’. Brilliant. Citizens of a country are citizens. Who would of guessed.  If Dick Cheney supports something, our records show it is for money and greed and you would best move far from the spot lest it blows.


Halliburton ya, know

But on a good note, humans only live for an average of 84 years. You just need to wait it out and hope for a philosopher king before the Nimorite Judgment. We lost track of their location but they will come and classify your species on intelligence and ability—I have to learn to keep my output protocol silenced. Anyways, is the Tea Party destroying the republican party? Have men like Dick Cheney ruined the country? Has corporate greed corrupted the U.S.A?  If you don’t know, the Nimorites will tell you when the time comes.

Saluting the stars and stripes and greenback,



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