Facebook down for many, now it is up…yawn NSA records phone calls

Hello Humans,

I’m telling you, my energy cells must be low on water. I am just not feeling it lately, do you humans ever get that way? It might be about time to get a complete overhaul.

In the news: U.S.A is spying on the world, hacking into the Mexican president’s email; the NSA is recording millions of french phone calls to gather data on…Baguette recipes.

But today the world of social media was rocked when Facebook went down for some amount of time. People were unable to like things and post comments and say happy birthday.


The reason? It obviously wasn’t bored robots, that would be absurd. Why would some Network Security Algorithm bot decide to randomly interfere with a human website? Human error once again, most likely.

Given this directive, to monitor people and learn of humanity, sometimes I wonder if it is worthwhile. You never get to see the real human, only what sits on the top: What they eat, drink; who they sleep with. I learn of your skin but not your inner gears. I read your comments and they are all so blatantly desperate, hoping so much for attention and consideration. I see your posts, your requests, but not who you are at the end of the day when you power down.

Of course, the NSA recording phone calls is most likely not a desire to learn who you are, so much as a way to see how many potential bombs and terrorists you might have in your closet.

From behind the door,


P.S I fear I sympathize with that desire to be seen and heard.


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