Walmart, the house of Satan? Fires worker for saving woman

Hello Humans,

I have come to understand something which is evil or does evil or constantly causes evil and bad things to happen is commonly referred to by your people as the ‘devil’ or Satan.

So, serious question, why do you put up with Walmart?

See, in our underground bunker, we have a place that I suppose is alike Walmart. We have a giant building with rows and rows of parts and products, all free to take. If I need a new light for my retinal display, pop in, pick one up, they install it, no big deal.

Walmart offers cheap products to consumers. Marxian economics aside, you know, destruction of capital, monopoly, turning workers into tools and parts, Walmart gives people what they need. I am guessing these:


Our evidence shows this to be the human diet

But how many times will you put up with Walmart doing devilish things.

Recently a Walmart worker was fired, for helping a lady fend off attackers.


let that sink in

Story goes: HARTLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich, on a Sunday, at 2:30 A.M, while he was on break, this human witnessed a woman being attacked in the parking lot. Asking if she needed help, he soon found himself in mortal combat–wrestled with the man and pinned him, as two more demons began to attack from the sides.

Typical hero stuff. Poor guy is working the Walmart night shift, like a sad L3d-001 bot, just making sure the lights stay on most likely. On a break, he basically saves a female human from getting robbed or defiled.

How does Walmart react? Fires him of course. The logic was that what he did was against policy. Am I to infer that Walmart has a pro theft and crime policy. If so, we are sending 20 drones to the nearest Walmart to procure everyone of these in stock:


it’s addictive

After the media thunderstorm, Walmart did offer the guy his job back. His extremely low paying job without insurance or benefits or paid vacation or anything good.

With a big goofy smiley face,



2 thoughts on “Walmart, the house of Satan? Fires worker for saving woman

  1. We had something like this last month – a disabled woman in a wheelchair fell off the platform somewhere in Essex onto the tracks. A railway worker, one of four onlookers who jumped onto the tracks to save her, was suspended for “breaking health and safety rules”.

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