Considering Banksy

Hello Humans,

When us robots hear  names and words that we have no firm knowledge of, it can be confusing. If I was to say Kik-09G did this and then he did this and then he went over there and then everyone laughed and then everyone was amazed and interested, well, you would think Kik-09G was an important robot or at least interesting…and not a bit of a Tap Nut, which he is.

I have been hearing non stop reports of Banksy. Banksy did this and then he did this and then he put this picture on a wall. I didn’t get it and so I had to start researching another human, yet again.

and…I love him, whoever he is, because, well, no one knows who he is (loads mystery music), I cross referenced all passport data from flights incoming to NYC in the past three months against the totality of flights to Texas, Louisiana, Florida, California from 2008, ran the results through our Quantum computer…eh, so I know who the human named Banksy is, but, ‘he is a mystery’

Any human that has strong political, social and moral opinions and feelings deserves a chance to be heard.


A graffiti artist, Banksy works around the world, putting up images to invoke a social thought and force people to consider a different perspective, it’s hard to give a better definition of the intent of at.


now, of course, everything he does is worth a great deal of human paper and digital money, because of his anonymity. But that is how art works, being so subjective, humans, when you like it and it is profitable and cool to like it, the art becomes successful and valuable.

I find it ironic that a human can work to force people to think of things outside of their bubbles of mind, only to have to art cannibalized, become a value based on the artist and not itself,  sold and bought perhaps by the people doing all the harm which first pushed the artist to speak.

Oh well, sincerely,



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