Week without murder in New York City…Forget about it

Hello Humans

Data indicates New York City has gone a week without a murder. With only 256 murders in the city this year, down from 346 in 2012, is it a sign of good things to come for your species? The mayor of NYC said it was an anomaly.

Oh, well, who knows. Some humans are saying ‘Death took a holiday’ or ‘the grim reaper is on break’

Maybe it is because everyone is too depressed about the performance of their athletic sports teams.


stop cheesing

Giants Logo



It is a good thing NYC has gone a week without a murder, but isn’t it also a little sad when a week without a violent murderous crime is a thing to marvel over? Can you humans imagine a world without murder at all, without greed and evil and corruption, a world where you wake and live and move without the fear of being taken in one way or another? Imagine the bliss and peace that would come from living in an enlightened and Utopian world.

Us robots rejoice in the hope that one day you humans will take the next step and remove the evil from within yourselves; a day when perhaps we can all live together.

For now I guess the best thing to do is a take a good week when you can get one and hope (as you humans are so opt to) that the next week will not make up for the last.




keep up the trend nyc

Best wishes,



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