Earthquake in Greece, yes, Earthquake, we promise

Hello Humans,

Salutations and pleasant environs as you Americans prepare to sit down before your televisions and watch football…For the humans in other parts of the world, I assume you are doing the same thing, only slightly different. News reports that a 6.4 Earthquake struck the island of Crete. An earthquake in Greece, it can mean only one thing.


someone’s in a bitchy mood

or, someone screwed up



See, in ancient Greece, earthquakes were attributed to Poseidon, the earth shaker! Thankfully no humans were seriously hurt. And for the record, the earthquake was not  caused by a secret robot drilling unit searching for the quantum anomaly orb from the Antikythera time machine. No, definitely not–even though that sounds oddly specific.





One thought on “Earthquake in Greece, yes, Earthquake, we promise

  1. Grin .. I lived in Drama (northern) Greece for 2 years. We never had a real earthquake, but had many small trimmers. I found these small trimmers to be very dis concerning.

    Thanks for finding time to visit my humble little blog.

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