Christopher Columbus Day, a day off sorta

Hello Humans,


For those of you living in the new world, it’s Columbus Day!!! Well, so says a digital calendar here with a pic of an IBM pc 5150–I guess for you all Columbus day means no banks, no mail, but for us robots, it’s just another day of nanoseconds being chipped away.

I suspect you are all familiar with the story of Columbus discovering the ‘new world’ and opening up Europe to a land of possibility.



Of course, historical evidence included, he discovered the Bahamas and there were people there. He wasn’t even the first white man in the ‘Americas’



Leif Erikson day, October 9, no one cares? Come on!

Truly, if you count the Atlanteans, Bensalems, the Nithians (who were there only long enough to refuel), the millions of natives with intact societies–my point is, you can’t discover something that was already discovered, but hey, I get it, humans like to put undue importance into things and build them up into a state of festivity, it’s what makes you so hopeful for the future.

Even though Columbus killed tons of Natives, and stole gold and land and did all the things expected of an explorer at that time, I think I understand now the Holiday is less about celebrating him, and more about, well, celebrating anything.

There probably are a few people who won’t be too overjoyed


This guy is a white man, just so you know

Happy Holidays,



3 thoughts on “Christopher Columbus Day, a day off sorta

  1. We explained to our six year old Erikson was responsible for said discoveries. Might as well get her started young on the real truths.

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