Shia LeBeouf punched in the face, Jolly Good Show

Hello Humans,

Shia LeBeouf of Even Stevens fame or Transformers / Indiana Jones infamy was punched in the face in London England recently. He received a right thrashing.

Though I am a robot, I have become aware of one thing pertaining to celebrities. They are famous when it benefits them and a person when it benefits them. In a legal situation, they are famous; when they go to a hotel or a restaurant they are famous; but when they are walking the streets or getting coffee they are humans. It doesn’t make much sense to me.

Shia LeBeouf however, searches tell me, has been in many a drunken brawl. He by all account is a typical 27 year old human male, a little bit of an ass hole, short tempered, inconsiderate–what can you do?

In London, on a night out, or a night out drinking ethanol to become inebriated, Shia watched two women fight (as any human would do). He reportedly filmed the scene and focused in on one of the girls after she became sick and started vomiting.


classy move

A bystander told him to stop filming, to which he most likely replied, ‘Fuck off.’ The man punched Shia twice. It is hard to say who this mystery man is, most likely one of these two.

IndianaJones1L_468x663 30-things-from-2012-that-made-you-feel-old-211

In typical human fashion, it was not a big deal and no one was that upset, so it is a good thing that thousands of humans are clogging up our data lines with such vital information.




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