Mark Zuckerberg buys neighboring houses for…privacy?

Hello Humans,

In the bunker I have over a hundred thousand friends and we are all connected through a data cloud…so yeah, we don’t have a thing called privacy; but we respect one another.

I never understood why you all willingly sign on for a program that monitors your data and limits your privacy. Well, in truth, the Global Monitoring Orb has been secretly collecting your data for over a hundred and ten years, from the shadow of Mercury–that doesn’t matter. I understand you humans, you all want friends and to be loved, but don’t you feel a little sick that you made Mark Zuckerberg filthy rich in the process?

mark-zuckerberg-and-giving-the-finger-galleryNo, fuck you!

In a stunning move, Zuckerberg bought 4 neighboring houses for 30 million dollars, because he did not want people moving into the neighborhood simply because he was living in the neighborhood. I never can understand the limits of Hypocrisy. A human can have no problem selling the privacy of his fellow men, but when his own privacy is threatened, there is no length he will go to protect it.

Mark-Zuckerberg-507402-1-402He doesn’t seem so concerned

And soon Facebook users will not be even able to keep themselves hidden from searches. Isn’t it about time you all bow down to your new global overlord Google anyways?



P.S–We monitor you too, but we won’t tell a soul. Remember, it’s our little secret.



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