Anti-Semitic Elmo…what? He’s in Jail? Okay.

Hello Humans,

Yes, I had no idea there was ever such a thing as Anti-Semitic Elmo. Perhaps few of you heard of this masked bigot, ‘protesting’ in Times Square NYC with the greatest of all tactics: Ignorance.

I was ready to investigate the matter, learning every action and reaction that had taken place—but he’s in jail. Robots do not laugh but why not. 010000000100000010000000100000010000000100000.

File picture shows Dan Sandler, dressed as Muppet character Elmo, being handcuffed and detained by police after using anti-Semitic language in Times Square, New York

Hard to say if that is when he found himself in jail for good, or just a minor arrest for being a (what’s a good human word) complete ‘douche prick jerk’.

Story goes he was arrested and finally locked up after trying to extort the Girl Scouts of America, saying he would accuse the group of selling their girls out as sex slaves to men. Well, this human has obviously a brilliant mind and a lot of class. I think I am getting the hang of sarcasm. Well, Anti-Semitic Elmo is in jail and I think this is one human who should be separated from the general populous. If there is some greater meaning to his actions…I don’t get it.

You can watch this video of him being a flawed human, but it’s not really worth it. I blew three solenoids in the time it took me to dump my play macro.




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