Tom Hanks has terminal cancer…never mind, just Diabetes

Hello Humans,

To the memory of a crusader against man’s worst ailment


Believe it or not, few humans ever delve into our secret hidden under ground bunkers. Our only connection is through media which we can cross reference against…references and collected data to form an evaluated thought.  Does it need to be said that certain things do not make sense to us?

We came across reports that a human named Tom Hanks had diabetes. We ignored these reports as 9 percent of the population of the USA has some form of diabetes with some 79 million of you being ‘Prediabetes’ which we assume is a few donuts away. These reports are still firing off. Tom Hanks–type 2 type 2.

We did not know why there was such a commotion over 1 of the 25 million people.

Then a little upstart robot with a fresh, dust free cooling fan named ZXE-pup1 showed us this


He is an actor, we had no clue.  Pup1 made us watch all of Tom Hank’s movies. What can we say, he is a delight. But seriously Humans, are you at a point in your fame obsession where a guy having a treatable disease is of big interest?

By the way, you all really do need to take it easy on sugar…seriously, try some Spirulina, we grow fields of it to supply the Jingo exploratory party, to meet demand when they enter your solar system on way to…maybe I have said too much already.




2 thoughts on “Tom Hanks has terminal cancer…never mind, just Diabetes

  1. Yeah I loved this.. Oh, and the Spirulina I’ve been using for a few years now is an absolute fantastic sugar substitute. Other than the crystal like shards that are growing out of my eyeballs since using it… I can hardly tell the difference in Spirulina and Dixie Crystal Sugar,…
    Or, maybe its BECAUSE of the shards in my eyes.. eitherway, Nano Nano… ZozBot…

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