An Analysis on Twerking

Hello Humans,

For months our monitoring cores have been overloaded with data coming in on ‘Twerking’


And I personally feared an epidemic was striking the human race, leading to rear seizures in the Gluteus Maximus muscle . We put or best medical technicians on the case, to discover if the affliction was caused by dehydration or a new nano machine released by the hobro aliens in—excuse me.

At length, it appears this is a choice of free will, to ‘twerk’ and it is ‘pleasing’ at times. This is all beyond our understanding, though, I personally have been privy to study this phenomenon.

There are two types of twerking by my conclusion: the violent shaking of the fat around the human butt and then the actual flexing and shaking of the Gluteus muscle. The purpose surpasses me.

Why humans love twerking and then despise it so much, I do not know. I can say that I am pleased the fervor has died down and we can monitor your race without hearing constant remarks of it.


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