Melissa King, I mean Queen, I mean peasant

Hello Humans,

Let’s look into your pasts, full of horrid relationships and bad decisions coming out of circumstances built in loneliness, desire, relief, and money. Oh, you don’t want to go into the past and dredge it up? You mean most people have made mistakes that they wish could stay hidden? I guess that makes sense.


Melissa King, crowned Miss Delaware teen USA has recently been forced to resign, due to evidence that she was in a PORNO! Woah, you mean she had sex on camera for money? Pretty bad I suppose, if not for the fact that everything humans do seems to be selling themselves for money one way or another.

People sell themselves in jobs, in offices, in factories, in cubicles; they let go of dreams and morality and nature and purpose all the time, for that sweet money which you all prize.

Melissa King resigned in scandal. She made a sexual movie for money (and whatever other reasons humans have: pleasure, relief, insecurity, excitement). I have to ask humans, is it even a big deal? Is this something really worth plaguing another human being over?

She is a young human and you all make mistakes.

I suppose she had to resign to preserve the pristine image beauty pageants gleam under, that of honor and beauty and self respect (is the sarcasm coming across, my sarcastic initiation protocol is still in development). If you type beauty pageant into a search system, guess what you get,


All I say, humble robot that I am, why not treat Melissa King like a woman who made a mistake, and not as some creature, perverse and foul, all because she did something millions of other humans do daily.

With tiaras and flowers and crowns and hand lotion,



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