Fifty Cent gets short changed a kiss

Hello Humans,

Did you enjoy the Oscars? Yes, celebrate acting performances. Did you know that they give away gift bags? Yeah, bags of gifts with objects and etcs contained within that add up to some monetary figure around or beyond 50,000$.

That’s more than some humans can imagine making in a year. In a week where the U.S.A  is still dealing with debt and cliffs and sequestering and rich people wanting more money and poor people wanting more also, (yeah, for some reason nothing is just magically changing) one of the biggest news stories was a human male trying to kiss a human female, only to be rejected.


To make a really boring human event short. That female was trying to find another female that drives a car. She ran into that man, who went in for the ultra-awkward forced lip kiss, on camera, in a stadium full of thousands of humans, in front of every Nascar lover watching from their homes.

She pulled to the side, slipped him her cheek and tried to play it off. Worst off all, the man, 50 cent, he followed after her like a newborn canine.

Human social interaction all seems strange to us.

However, I must wonder, is this really the thing humans should be focusing on, when this week also brought in news of cancer villages throughout China?




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