World’s deadest beatest dad…

Hello Humans,

Here you are presented Mr. Robert Sand, a man dubbed the world’s #1 dead beat dad. What an honor. To become a dead bet dad you must have a child with a female or adopt one, let the child grow and either:

1. Never be there.

2. Never contribute money

3. Provide no guidance, rule, or sense of responsibility or support.

To be honest, it seems like if the man gives money, all is forgiven.

Here is Robert Sand,  somehow the worst of all fathers in the world. Does he do drugs, commit crimes, raise his hands in violence? Hmm, how do we know. What we can say is that he was married twice and had three children between both woman. He was divorced twice and his total of unpaid child support was last clocked in at: $1.2 million dollars. So, he wracked up 1.2 million since 2002.


We’re robots and even to us that is a choker. So, no, we don’t know the families, the situation, the etc’s. He might deserve to pay; his children certainly deserve a few cents for their future in this monetary world, but 1.2 million, isn’t that a little out of the solar system?

Robert Sand hit the road, fled to Florida (where all the human scum of the USA eventually drifts). He cut weeds to Thailand and kickeded to the Philippines where he was captured and deported to California and pulled to NY.

You got him, good job humans.


So what did Sand do before his life on the run? High powered wall street lawyer,  skyscraper CEO, media mogul, sex ring operator?

No, apparently he was a car salesman at one point.


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