Why are people surprised when crazy people act crazy?

Hello Humans,

We have been reviewing the Sandy Hook mass murder for a while now. Not to make light of your death, but a man named Adam Lanza, shot and killed 27 people, 20 children, 6 woman, and his mother. He attacked the Sandy Hook elementary school and opened fire. It’s sad. We know.

You humans are great a opening your hearts in times of tragedy, though they can be shut rather quickly when a ‘new’ thing comes along. I have a question for you all. Why are you surprised when an insane person does something insane?

The nature of mankind can be quite isolating. If a person is different, they are often told they are until they find themselves far on the outside of society; if a person lacks the ability to cope socially or morally in the world, usually they are locked away from it.

What happens when these types of humans are let out, when they can longer bear the world? The resulting tragedies are truly tragedies, but they are usually preventable. Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold. To us those are names. The actions are that of a species which lacks controls on its consciousness. To you humans, the pain and murder that comes from another human’s choice weighs heavy.

It has been said, ‘Judge a society by how it treats its weakest members.’  You can be shocked at horrible events, but do not be surprised when you learn the insane have done a great evil. If you refuse to kill the worst of yourselves, you must provide for them, making sure they receive the help they need.


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