Why don’t you kill each other more?

Hello Humans,

Murder is wrong, we know that, as long as it is not for food or capital punishment or defense or during war. So, murder for you is sometimes wrong and sometimes it is right.

My question is, what gives, why don’t you kill each other more?

There are tons of terrible humans out there just waiting for it, like that man Joe Rickey Hundley, the one on that Delta Airlines Flight who slapped a 2 year old baby, tossing a racial epitaph on top of the physical abuse, calling the child the n-word.


Imagine your world with ignorant people like this, why not kill them?

A Texas man, David Barajas, shot and killed the drunk driver that crashed into and killed his two sons (11 and 12) while the family pushed their broken down truck. I’m not some platonic judge; I certainly do not understand humans, but should David Barajas have to spend possibly the rest of his life in prison, while Joe Rickey Hundley will be back in planes, slapping black people left and right?


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