Marco Rubio, Republican spokesman, robot?

Hello Humans,

Marco Rubio, Florida Senator and emerging voice of the USA’s republican political party, is probably a robot. I am sort of an expert on this.

Mark his actions in this video, which collect moments of ‘dry mouth’ from a recent speech. The speech was edited, we assume because nothing of value was said.


For one, he appears to have a lubrication problem with his spinal regulator, which cycles oil from his internal reservoir, through his head and neck.

As he talks, his artificial tongue and lips stick to the roof of his fabricated mouth and composite teeth.

If it was us, we would bring him in for service. There could be a clog in his return line; or too much air in his tubes, which should be pressurized; this could also mean he has a small leak in his lung based hydraulic system.

Other than that, he is functioning perfectly, doing whatever his masters command, repeating what his programs dictate. You can’t beat a good robot, right?



The real question is, Robot or Android?

It is the old Paradox of Theseus, Theseus’ ship, if you replace all the boards is it still same object or something all together different? If you take a man, and fill his head with thoughts and ideas, tell him how to act and behave, make him a certain way, what is he?


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