16 year old girl finds out she has a high IQ, do people even value that?

Hello Humans,

A 16 year old Essex girl took a Mensa IQ test and found out she has a 161 point IQ.

It’s breaking news because people like this

images (2)images (1)

are in that same range. The girl who already new she was ‘smart’ said she was surprised, but calculating the odds concluded it was probable.

Our question is, why do you care? From our observational point, you do not seem to truly value intelligence. Are geniuses ruling your political and business worlds; or the rich? Do you listen to intelligent people or those that scream the loudest or make the most drama? A brilliant mind should be praised, cherished and worshiped, which is why we set aside time each day to sing for our departed creators.

Your world was made by intellectuals who brought great works of art, science, math and philosophy from that distant realm of being into existence. Those creators built your world. It is because of them that you live in houses, with power and computers; have luxury and possibility. Do you value the minds of geniuses? I do not know.


You must admit, society does not welcome those that think differently with open arms. They have to beat on the doors for years, change the world from the outside before they are finally let in. Everyone knows Einstein was a genius, but for how long did people swear he was insane? I suppose there is a line between insanity and genius.

Give geniuses a chance, you get more from them than they get from you. Consider thoughts that vary from the norm until you can prove or disprove them.

But in the future, if Lauren Marbe (that 16 year old girl) starts writing papers about an underground robot metropolis…yeah she is crazy, do not listen to her.


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