What is the Harlem Shake?

We like to think of fads and trends in humanity like fire. A fire feeds itself through oxygen and material. Rapid Oxidation might not be interesting to you, but think of how things become popular. Something is there and people start to notice it, there is a spark and it explodes. As popularity grows, it increases when people who did not know of that ‘thing’ learn of it, giving people that do know the opportunity to speak of it. The fire, the popularity dies when everyone has heard and seen that ‘thing’ and there is nothing left to feed it.

Now we have the HARLEM SHAKE.


Okay, if there is a human that wants to explain this to us, please do. From our observation, it is insanity. One human has lost his mind and his disease effects those humans in his close proximity.

We are not sure if this is a viral outbreak or ‘trend’, but as this is being punched out in electrons and 1’s and 0’s all over the world, you humans are becoming infected with the HARLEM SHAKE!

We fear for your safety, honestly, we do.

Is there any way to contain the Harlem Shake…it does not seem likely. This fire must be left to burn itself out.



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