4 things found on the ground worth money

We know that humans love money. The only thing people love more than money, is ‘easy money’. Here are 4 things people can find on the ground, or just under it, that can net them a pretty penny.



Also known as the rich man’s seasoning, truffles are a subterranean mushroom. Though we can not taste anything, we are told that truffles are deserving of their praise and *fake cough* incredible value. European white truffles sell for over 3,000 $ a pound.

Think about that humans, there is money growing underground near the roots of oak, hazel, poplar and a few other types of trees. Whether the white truffle of northern Italy or the black truffle of France, there is money to be found, all you have to do is dig it up. That is the hard part, unless you live in Europe, and have in your stable a prize truffle dog or pig, you probably won’t be banking on what your chefs’ cry over.


images (10)

Fossils are not exactly sitting on top of the ground waiting to be found, but, there are plenty of stories of people stepping over a rock in the their yard until one day, digging it up find it to be one of those rare and valuable relics of history. The value of fossils is really what one of you humans will pay for them; that said, money is money.

Surely, the people that dig fossils do not do it for your ‘bread’. A T-Rex fossil skull could be worth millions of dollars. It is not likely to find one, but even smaller Trilobite fossils:


Can be worth a few hundred dollars once they are cleaned and polished.


images (9)

So you are a typical human, walking outside in the morning to get your newspaper, coffee cup in hand, thinking about your exciting and fulfilling life when all of a sudden, a streak in the sky come blue and green, with a burst and crashing before you is a meteorite. Those space rocks are worth money. It is not likely to ever see one fall, but if you are lucky enough to find one, they can be your ticket to…I’m not sure where you people like to go.

Pallasites sell between 20$-40$ a gram.

Rarer diogenite go for upwards of 50$ a gram.

With extremely rare martian and lunar and other space rocks with special elemental chemistry going for a 1000$ a gram or more.



Ambergris is produced in the digestive system of Sperm Whales. It is a substance that whales secrete, and it smells just like you humans would imagine: whale feces.

But you magical humans, you have found that if you let ambergris age, it acquires a sweet and earthy smell. Mad and brilliant. It is used in perfumes; with Sperm Whales not being hunted down, the value of ambergris has risen.

So how do you humans find it? That is what is so special, it finds you. Walking the beach one day, you might be one of those lucky souls that finds a 60,000$ washed up bulb of disgusting whale material upon the sand. Selling at a different value for certain qualities, top of the line Ambergris, the real sweet white stuff can sell for 50$ or more a gram.

You just have to know what you are looking at.



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