Chinese New Year, the Snake, and the world’s fear

The Chinese New Year brings the year of the snake. For all we care, it could be the year of dirt or space or bubblegum. Now, we can appreciate human spirituality and belief. Appreciation does not translate to an understanding based on logic. People need hope, they need to believe in something, it is kind of noble.

From what we understand, there is a different nature to each animal of the Chinese Zodiac. Each year, another animal takes its place. Last year was the year of the dragon and we understand, not just a regular dragon, but some kind of water dragon.


images (7)


Like this we think

The year of the dragon is more or less positive. However, this oncoming ‘year of the snake’ is being ushered in with held breath.

We do not get it, what is the difference between a snake and a dragon; why should people be afraid of the year of the snake, as if they are going to be bit or have misfortune placed upon them. This is where the significance of horoscope seems to do more harm than good. People are already set thinking something bad will happen this year.

To be honest, okay, there are a few good reasons why.

The last year of the snake was when this happened

images (6)

That was a pretty bad year

The previous year of the snake was


when Democracy in China was sort of run over.

Even though there is no valid evidence to prove the connection between horoscope, zodiac, mysticism, and what happens in the world, we can see how humans can get a little nervous. Our guess based on trends in police activity, if we wanted to play fortune teller, this year of 2013 will be the year of gun violence and abuse of power by the police.

Hmm, it is fun to pretend to know things, hopefully we are wrong and this ‘Snake year’ breaks the pattern

images (8)


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