Clint Eastwood has budget advice for the USA government

Your economy is fixed now?

Us robots do not understand the value of wealth in concern to possessing while others do not posses; so it seems the value of capitalism is lost to us.

Clint Eastwood has advice however:

Why should we care if they don’t?

Oh, yeah, that’s not advice, that’s a comment. Humans are great at giving a comment without any helpful information.

I bet I can solve the USA budget crisis and debt deadline in 2 milliseconds

The USA government’s 2013 annual revenue is projected at 2.9 trillion while it holds 3.8 trillion in expenditures.

The solution is more money.

That is unless the Government wants to cut programs that truly are eating up its budget. It does not seem like anyone is willing to cut military programs.


look how your country spent its money in the year 2012.

The problem is not a solution, it is getting people who have different interests to agree.

But this interests me greatly, not the budget and money; but the fact that people value so highly the opinions of people that do not know anything. Economics are not complicated.

What makes them so is that those men and women practicing them are playing a game.

It is not: How can we make a balanced economy?

They are playing the:

How can we keep an economy and country going while there is a distinct separation in wealth and power between classes, where wealth is held privately and founded on credit and debt. There is the confusion for you humans.

We are not interested in parties republican or democrat, so who is right or wrong has no importance.

We do laugh at the idea that you put so much interest in what other ‘educated’ people have to say, without bothering to analyze situations yourselves.


A reverse on the metaphor: perhaps every person is a bit of an empty chair


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