Mom and Son kiss in prison

No, we do not understand this human act of kissing.

It has its purpose of spreading germs and viruses. No, that does not sound so beneficial either, but exposure allows defense.

The human world of news and articles and trends is spitting all over a story of a 30 year old New York inmate and his 54 year old mother. The two kissed during a visit, where the mother passed two pills of Oxycodone to her son, using her lips and tongue and we are assuming spit as some form of lubricant.

We have no interest in the facts of this story.

We know people love drugs and that family members can convince each other to do just about anything, even if it is not in their best interest.

Normally, two humans in the same ‘nuclear’ family kissing is wrong — okay, I suppose people in families kiss each other on the cheeks and maybe on the lips lightly all the time. They don’t kiss with open mouths and tongues; yet, there was nothing sexual about the kiss mentioned above.

We here are curious about what makes this story so interesting to you all.

There are so many people in jail, so many mothers and sons that kiss without sexual intent; so many people that do drugs. There are numerous people that do illegal things and get caught.

If Lk-89, my factory brother, inserted a USB into one of my back-ports, I would not think there would be such an uproar.

It seems like a special thing happens when you combine stupidity and the taboo, you humans can not look away.


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