‘Dark Patch’ in the brain can mean you are a dangerous psychopath

A German scientist ( Dr. Gerhard Roth, possibly), has said out loud and in paper and digital form what he believes, after studying an undisclosed amount of ‘criminal’ and ‘felonious’ subjects.

Yes, tricky wording. It seems that some Neurologists are moving towards a theory that states ‘dark patches’ in the frontal lobe of  the human brain can be a precursor or sign and cause of psychopathy, and criminal and dangerous behavior.


Here he is preparing to preform a frontal lobotomy 

If what the German doctor and others Neurologists like Kent Kiehl (who performed MRI’s on 2000 inmates and found some number of evidence that was not disclosed) believe is true, that dark patches in the front lobe cause and warn of psychopathy, what will be the result?

Yes, humans tend to get ahead of themselves when it comes to ‘discoveries’, but worse than affirming something that might not be true, is not considering  the effect of an action…yes, consequences.


Since the cause of these ‘dark spots’  is unknown,  the nature and true effect of them is a mystery.

Not too long ago in your history, depression was a sin: sloth, a crime against Christian god. Now it is a disease, but that disease is ‘cured’ with pills you make in labs, to try to balance chemicals in the brain. Well, I do not want to demean any human, but, well, the pills do not work. In fact, humans do not understand the brain. For example: depression is said to be an imbalance, but what causes the imbalance. Yes, most will say: ‘That’s just the way it is.”

Your species is marvelous in how it advances and strives towards solutions. One of its biggest flaws is that it tries to fix some of its problems before it understands them.

If ‘black spots’ start to be checked in the young of your species, there will be 5 year old kids growing up believing they are fated to be ‘bad’ because they have a spot in their head that they can not see.

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(provided by our television aggregate system)

Will people with black spots be forced to go through therapy? Will they be separated from ‘normal spotted’ brains?

What makes something evil should not simply be made scientific. Even a humble robot can see how complex your societies are. People are effected by the world around them. I like to believe humans control their own fates, have power over themselves and with reasoning and consciousness and your precious spirituality and philosophy, can become whatever they wish.


2 thoughts on “‘Dark Patch’ in the brain can mean you are a dangerous psychopath

  1. The “black evil patch “terminology was exploited by the press. The body of empirical neurrological evidence indicates that unhealthy brains do have distinctive physiological differences from healthy brain structures. This is apparent by numerous studies dating back decades and utilizing MRI, PET, fMRI,DTI scans, the evidence is clear that brain structure and function of psychopaths differ. One can actually see these abnormalities. The same is true of schizophrenia. In diagnosed psychopathy, there’s less functioning coordination between the ventromedial prefrontal cortex( where guilt and empathy originate) and the amygdala( the area of the brain regulating fear and anxiety). The white matter is also lacking in that the connector pathway has a large gap, as compared to healthy brain models. In a nutshell the link between the emotional and executive areas of the brain is weak and deficient. What this tells us is, there’s a possibility that these neurological ly based disorders may be treated in the future. How many lives, including the afflicted, could that save and preserve? At best at this point in time , the only way to treat people with psychological disorders is crisis management of the illness by combination of therapeutic supports and psychotropic medication regimen. With psychopathic, predatory individuals the standard treatment approach is incarceration after they’ve committed a crime, since the condition requires lifelong monitoring and supervision. They won’t stop committing violent crimes until they are confined within a controlled environment or have constant supervision. There are no medications to treat psychopathy, however there are psychotropics that can dull accompanying symptomatic behaviors. Medications mask symptoms but are not a cure. The brain is a wondrous and fragile organism and we have just started to decipher its mysteries and this may be a promising step forward for treatment options.

    • It is very interesting. So are people just born that way, or does something happen that causes unhealthy brains. I remember reading about football players and wrestlers that through years of physical abuse had brain damage.

      The Chris Beniot story is a good example. He murdered his family, and his brain was found to be in horrible shape. What I really want to know is, are their ‘normal’ people that live just fine with unhealthy brains?

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