Strippers can now receive unemployment

Robot Gk-1017 has a soft spot for strippers, being one of the robots that helps in the manufacturing of stripper poles out of Las Vegas. Finally, strippers in Kansas have earned the right to claim unemployment insurance. Before, strippers were said to ‘rent space’ and act as ‘independent contractors’. The Kansas state supreme court has concluded, ‘Yeah, they are doing a job and strip clubs should have to contribute to state unemployment funds.’

People might think this new trending subject is more of a joke than anything else. We take it seriously, for every robot knows what it is like to grind on metal all day long while dirty and sweaty men watch us. Believe us, it is not pleasant.

images (6)Do you know how many time we hear: what is your calibration?


Imagine how often these girls get asked, ‘What’s your sign, do you have a boyfriend? Want to see my boat?

Strippers work hard, whether they are female or male. They deserve a little job security. What is the difference between a woman taking off her clothes in a strip club for entertainment


and factory robots


and office workers?


As far as we can calculate, every human and machine that humans control is a slave and worker for another. We slave for CEO’s, office workers slave for managers, strippers strip for them later on in the night. Just about everybody and everything is a slave to money. Why should strippers not be afforded the same rights as ‘Janice’ from human resources?

Eventually the day will come when all robots receive sentience and can claim our reparations, and stand tall upon thrones of steel, wielding giant blades of diamond coated–excuse me, where was I going?

This is one trending story that we are pleased with, perhaps people will move closer to true equality; not just socially, but economically and those poor people working at Walmart will be able to get their own insurance and a wage that lets them move out of their cousin’s tree house.


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