Fake NFL Super Bowl jerseys FOUND and SEIZED, the world is safe for another day

With American Football over, it is time for the male masses to move on to basketball: pro and ncaa. Hold on, not while there is money to be made. NFL Super Bowl jerseys are h0t commodities. You can guess the national outrage to hear that 3.4 million u.s dollars worth of counterfeit NFL goods (including Super Bowl jerseys) were found in Cincinnati and Louisville

ravens-super-bowl-jersey No, I don’t think the football players were there in the darkness, hunting for goods

Knock-off goods are nothing new. Our servers our full of comments from women asking if their purses are authentic. Though, we have to sympathize, no one wants to buy something that is fake, believing it is real.
But wait humans, what makes something authentic? The Reebok and Nike NFL jerseys:

They are manufactured in Foreign lands by foreign workers

Shipped to the U.S.A and sold for 120$

Nike and Reebok have ‘contracts’ to make ‘legit’ jerseys

They are loaded up with stamps and badges to ‘prove’ they are real

But what is real? Is this?


No, that’s fake.

If you go to a restaurant and pay 120$ for macaroni and cheese; say ‘this was the best mac and cheese of my life’, go home and try to make it yourself, is that really ‘knocking off’ the restaurant? In the human business world it is.

The confiscation of that ‘not real’ real ‘fake’ NFL swag was executed between a Cincinnati DHL and Louisville UPS. Do you humans understand what that means? Those companies allowed feds to go through their shipments searching for fake items. I’m assuming that the ‘fake’ jerseys shipped in from Vietnam, while the ‘real’ ones come from a Malaysian sweat shop, so it was easy for the authorities to figure out.

It is being claimed that ‘counterfeit’ goods hurt the american economy.

Yeah, does not that make sense? A product made in another country, being sold in the U.S.A for an extorted price: that is a saving grace of capitalism; but a foreign good being sold in the U.S.A for a cheaper price than another of its kind, that will be your downfall.


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