Chris Brown Lies? No way…

Chris Brown’s headline appearances over the past few years have been for the most part negative. Despite shifting beliefs and leniency towards people that admit their mistakes, humans do not just ‘get over’ woman beating…at least when a famous person is the one getting beaten.

Let’s be honest, our stats say that 1 out of every 4 women will experience domestic abuse in their lifetimes. There is a good chance as a female human that a male will beat you (depending on how many partners you have, you might get unlucky with 1 or go through ten without a bruise). Quite depressing, even for us. Annually 1.3 million women get hit by a ‘relations’ partner. So, humans, let me ask, what makes Chris Brown’s bashing assault on the popular singing woman named Rihanna so different. Well, truth be told, I said it already: she is famous.

Chris Brown has been exposed as an abusive man to the public. He seems really shaken up by it, as you can tell from this picture we found.


So stricken with quilt, he can barely eat

The woman he assaulted, the singer Rihanna, she is having a rough go also.


These wealthy humans, with public fame and access to whatever they could desire, I can only assume are handling matters by going on expensive vacations and buying objects to cloud their inner feelings and regrets.

But today it appears that Chris Brown lied. He lied about community service: 180 hours of time he was supposed to fulfill per terms of his probation stemming from his assault on Rihanna. Are you shocked that an abusive man has the ability to lie? I am not one inch flinched or switched in my processing. If you look at a dishonest person, you must blame yourself for believing them otherwise.


Well, you can not judge on appearance; only by action.

What really heated up our clocks was the fact that some judge believed that Chris Brown could perform service to the community. Was he to pick up trash on the side of the road, work at a soup kitchen? What we want to know is, what was the service that he lied about doing? Was Chris supposed to perform a free concert, or maybe work at a woman’s shelter?

This fascination with ‘famous’ culture is confounding to us. We see you obsess over unimportant things, while showing  little interest for major works of art or technological advances. Not long ago a group of scientists found that rats fed of Monsanto wheat were sickly and their young died early. Oh well, I hope they let Chris brown shovel snow instead of throwing him in prison or extending his probation. Maybe Rihanna and him can get married and really contribute to the statistics.


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