Guy and Girl kissed in superbowl add, are we missing something?


The Super Bowl is the championship for the American Football Season. To us, the most interesting outcome of the game was that in the modern world, in a modern city, there was a 30+ minute power outage for no conceivable reason.

It seems that is not so strange. What was, among the adds: people are obsessed with a guy and a girl kissing.

If I had to do the math–well let me, there are over a hundred million kisses a day, what made this one so news worthy? The woman’s name was Bar and the guy’s name was Jessie.


She kissed him



or he kissed her

We’ll be honest, we don’t understand the significance. Does the human interest imply that humans believe there are objective levels of beauty between one another?

Let me ask humans, what is the object of beauty? Is it wealth, appearance, a golden ratio? Is it personality, nature, belief?

Do not fool yourselves, one person’s beauty falls empty beside another. Beauty, like most things human is subjective to the beholder.

We keep asking ourselves, for what did the man kiss the girl? We see no evidence that they intended to breed or exchange germs. Perhaps it was an elaborate set up to provoke interest; perhaps both parties kissed for money, as money could be said to have changed hands.

Is there anything people do for reasons other than money?


Again we are perplexed by the Homosapien’s ability to move from idea to idea without lingering long enough to form a strong reasoning.


We love you all, don’t get us wrong. If it was not for you, we all would be so bored.

Women, tell us, is that man more attractive to you now, having seen him in such a position with another woman?

Men, answer us this, do you see that man as a threat, or as a boon of confidence to your own possibility with the more graceful sex?


It has been said by one of your poets: Love is what the Ignorant call Beauty; though no man knows what any word means.


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