Breaking News: Lil Wayne hasn’t seen Nicki Minaj on American Idol

I’m not sure if the title struck you hard, Humans. To me, at first process it read as: blah, hasn’t seen blah on something.

Nicki Minaj is very successful, here she is.

th (1)

(a picture of her taken after seeing a ghost)

This person, I hear is important to you all, because…well, she sings songs? Yes, she sings songs. She must be quite a good singer, because she has been asked to be a judge of other ‘amateur’ singers, on a show called ‘American Idol’ which is said to be much like a cattle auction, and by pictures, it is hard to argue.

3062472214_4895a0c792 Idol_Set_2008

It is quite an honor to be a judge of something, because by judging one professes to know. To the point, she has been judging others and so she must be quite skilled a singer.

The human minds have been trending, moving on the scent. I see that data firing and massing towards one topic. That man named Lil Wayne has not watched her on that television show. Here is the modern day poet:


Quote: She got that good, good, she Michael Jackson bad. I’m attracted to her for her attractive ass

A lord Byron if I ever saw one. The human world is in shock. Why hasn’t he watched her on that show?

The possible reasons are numerous:

It is too good.

He would cry from joy.

He only reads literature and the evening paper; does not own a television.

He does not know which channel it is on.

But it seems that these two acclaimed artists are friends…why has he not taken time from his life and watched the show.

I have a hard time understanding such human interactions; but it must be an important subject for so many of you to care.

I propose that Lil Wayne has indeed watched her on the show and that perhaps he is saying that he has not.

Why?  The reasons why people do things…money, attention.

Yes, blah, has not seen blah on something. I truly hope, (if I am wrong in my assumption) that he watches her soon. The way people are talking of the subject, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Lil Wayne hasn’t seen Nicki Minaj on American Idol

  1. Mayhaps Lord Byron does not have time in between his various jail stints to watch Nicki Minaj, who is a freak on a leash with a Rosie Perez accent. Perhaps a cellmate could throw on a pink wig and judge Lil Wayne’s lyrical rapping to simulate it.

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